First-timers in faerun

The story so far

Tristan has succeeded in pulling the wool over our heroes eyes twice already, but did not escape unscathed from his most recent evil plot. After conquering the meek goblin band Tristan had rallied together (and re-rallied through undeath), a final face-off between Tristan and his supernatural assistants (a pet Grick and a Quasit) and the party ensued. Victory sided with our motley crew, but true justice would not be served. An unknown magical force extracted Tristan from the battle once all other threats were eliminated. Tristan and the glowing amulet he wore were sucked through a swirling vortex, all his other belongings fell to the floor. The source of the arcane manipulations spoke to the party, warning them that Tristan was needed for some greater purpose, and to avoid crossing paths again, and to ”..Beware the Horn of Orcus

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